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Hair restoration treatments aim to restore healthy hair by addressing hair loss, thinning hair, or changes in hair health at the source. Our treatments work on the follicular level to heal damaged and dormant hair follicles and promote natural growth. We use PRF injections during our hair restoration treatments to naturally promote hair growth and help patients achieve their desired results without using invasive techniques or harsh chemicals.

These treatments can meet the needs of patients with unique concerns and will produce visible results after completing the recommended number of treatments.

What Are the Benefits?

Hair loss can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and affect your confidence, and that reduced confidence will overflow into other areas of your life. This treatment aims to restore your hair and confidence without compromising your health and wellness.

It doesn't rely on chemicals or invasive techniques but on the healing properties in your blood to naturally promote hair growth. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are minimally invasive and non-surgical
  • Results will appear gradually after completing the recommended sessions
  • There's no social downtime
  • There's no risk of an adverse or allergic reaction
  • PRF injections can be combined with other hair growth treatment options
  • It provides a natural solution for hair loss

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

After we complete an initial consultation to confirm your treatment eligibility, we can proceed with the hair restoration treatment process. When you arrive at your appointment, we'll begin by performing a standard blood draw. The step is key to the entire process because we need a blood sample so that we can prepare the platelet-rich fibrin into an injectable form.

Once we have a blood sample, we'll put it in a device that will spin it and use gravitational forces to isolate the growth factors and platelets from the rest of the plasma in the sample. We will then prepare the PRF into an injectable form to administer it into different areas of your scalp as needed to help you achieve healthier hair and improve growth.

Administering the PRF Injections

Before we administer the injectable, we can apply a topical numbing cream to your skin so that you don't feel any discomfort during the treatment. The injection process is quick, and the injectable has a very small, thin needle, so you don't need to worry about discomfort.

We'll administer the necessary amount of PRF into various areas of the scalp per your treatment plan. We use a special multi-injector technique to accelerate the treatment and make it more comfortable for the patient. Once inserted below the skin's surface, the platelet-rich fibrin will slowly release growth factors into the area to stimulate hair growth by improving follicle health and quality.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You won't see immediate results immediately following your treatment because it will take time for your body to respond to the growth factors and for your hair follicles to heal, awaken, and grow healthier and thicker hair. However, you will see improvements in the appearance and health of your hair within several weeks of your first treatment. You can take weekly progress photos to monitor your results and see tangible evidence of renewed growth.

How Long Will My Results Last?

This treatment is designed to deliver permanent results. Because it's a non-surgical treatment and doesn't involve any risk or cause adverse reactions, you can schedule maintenance treatments after completing your initial treatment plan to promote continuous hair growth and long-lasting results.

Is the Treatment Process Safe?

One of the primary benefits of PRF injections for hair restoration is that they are completely safe. Unlike other hair loss treatments that rely on surgical techniques or chemical products that can cause health risks, this one is completely natural. Our primary ingredient to renew your scalp and promote hair growth comes from your blood.

You cannot be allergic to your blood, so you can rest assured that not only is the entire treatment process safe and non-surgical, but you won't have to worry about a lengthy recovery, social downtime, or significant discomfort. You can schedule your treatments confidently, knowing you're investing in a regenerative treatment that naturally restores healthier-looking hair.

Can It Be Combined With Other Treatment Options?

PRF injections can be combined with other hair loss treatment options to enhance results, including hair growth supplements.

What Can It Treat?

Our hair restoration treatments can meet the needs of men and women who want to restore healthy, fuller, and thicker hair. We can design treatment plans to address hair loss, bald patches, thinning, or reduced-quality hair. Whether you've lost a significant amount of hair or noticed changes in your hair's appearance and the health of your scalp, we can design a treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

Am I a Good Candidate?

So many factors can contribute to hair loss, including aging, genetics, hormones, medication side effects, and more. Once we meet with you to discuss your concerns, treatment goals, and the primary cause of your hair loss, we can design your treatment plan accordingly. Most patients qualify for treatment since the process is natural and uses the growth factors in your blood to restore healthy hair.

Restore Beautiful, Healthy Hair

If hair loss or changes in the health and quality of your hair have affected your confidence, we can design a treatment plan that reverses hair loss and helps you look and feel your best. PRF injections can address the primary cause of hair loss or thinning hair and do so without putting your health at risk. After a few quick and minimally invasive treatments, you'll be one step closer to fuller, healthier hair.

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