How Long Does PRF Last? A Complete Guide

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is steadily gaining attention in the field of aesthetic medicine for its efficacy and versatility in various treatments. At San Diego Aesthetics & Med Spa, we incorporate PRF into several non-surgical enhancements, addressing a broad spectrum of patient concerns under the guidance of a licensed physician.

Our patients in La Mesa, CA, frequently ask how long they can expect PRF results to last. We are committed to providing transparent information about all of our treatments, focusing on patient education and engagement. We can take a closer look at PRF longevity and the treatment process so you know what to expect from your treatment.

What Is PRF?

PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is a concentration of platelets and growth factors derived from the blood of the patient. This biologically active substance is unique in that it supports tissue regeneration and healing while using components that are naturally found in the bloodstream. The preparation process involves drawing a small amount of blood, which is then centrifuged to separate the fibrin from other blood cells.

The Basics of PRF Therapy

PRF therapy leverages the natural healing properties of fibrin and platelets to enhance recovery and rejuvenate skin and tissue. This therapy is applied through injections at the target site, where it slowly releases growth factors that stimulate natural tissue regeneration over time. As a non-surgical option, PRF therapy offers a less invasive alternative, focusing on harnessing the body’s own healing mechanisms rather than introducing non-autologous substances.

How Long Does PRF Last?

The longevity of PRF results varies depending on the specific application and the individual’s physiological response. While some treatments produce benefits over several months, others provide improvements that are more immediate but require periodic sessions to maintain. In the following sections, we will delve into the various applications of PRF at our facility and discuss what you might typically expect in terms of duration for each treatment outcome.

Facial PRF Injections

Facial PRF injections leverage the healing capabilities of platelet-rich fibrin to enhance skin texture and tone. By injecting PRF directly into the facial tissue, this method promotes collagen production and cellular turnover, key components of a vibrant complexion. This treatment is particularly beneficial for addressing areas of fine lines, general dullness, and uneven skin texture.

What Results to Expect From PRF Injections

After receiving a platelet-rich fibrin injection, patients can typically see an improvement in skin brightness and a smoother texture within a few weeks as collagen synthesis is stimulated. The natural progression of results helps in achieving a more youthful and refreshed appearance over time. These subtle yet impactful results can last several months, after which follow-up treatments might be recommended.

Injections With PRF EZ Gel

PRF treatment with EZ Gel involves a slightly different preparation of platelet-rich fibrin, creating a gel-like substance that is ideal for deeper injections. This method is used to target more pronounced facial lines and volume loss, providing a filler effect enhanced by the regenerative properties of PRF.

What Results to Expect From PRF EZ Gel

Results from PRF EZ Gel injections are visible in the form of improved skin volume and a reduction in deep wrinkles. These effects emerge because the gel formulation supports sustained release of growth factors, enhancing tissue regeneration over an extended period. The initial filling results can last several months, while the biostimulating results may last longer.

PRF With Microneedling

Combining PRF therapy with microneedling is a powerful duo for skin rejuvenation. The microneedling technique creates little perforations in the skin that serve as channels for the PRF, enhancing its absorption and efficacy. This combination accelerates the skin’s natural healing process and boosts the overall texture and firmness.

What Results to Expect From PRF With Microneedling

The synergistic effect of platelet-rich fibrin treatment with microneedling can significantly enhance skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of scars and pores. Patients generally notice an improvement in their skin’s overall health and resilience within a few weeks, with results improving and lasting several months as the skin continues to heal and regenerate.

PRF With RF Microneedling

Platelet-rich fibrin is also used with radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to target more profound skin issues like deep wrinkles and sagging. RF microneedling combines the mechanical stimulation of traditional microneedling with thermal energy, which promotes a stronger tightening effect and deeper collagen remodeling.

What Results to Expect From PRF With RF Microneedling

When combined with PRF injections, RF microneedling can enhance skin tightening and contouring effects. This treatment is especially beneficial for those looking to address skin laxity and fine lines. Results are typically visible after a few sessions, with improvements in skin structure and firmness lasting up to a year or more. A series of treatments is usually recommended for the longest effects. 

Hair Restoration With PRF

Platelet-rich fibrin injection into the scalp is an innovative approach to hair restoration. By stimulating the hair follicles with a high concentration of growth factors, PRF injections can help halt hair loss and encourage new hair growth. This treatment is particularly suitable for individuals experiencing early signs of hair thinning.

What Results to Expect From Hair Restoration With PRF

Results from hair restoration with PRF can vary, but many patients observe a decrease in hair loss and new hair growth within a few months of treatment. The natural growth factors in PRF help to revitalize dormant follicles, gradually improving hair density and strength. For optimal outcomes, a series of treatments may be recommended.

How to Maximize the Benefits of PRF Treatments

Take Care of Your Skin and Hair

Maintaining the health of your skin and hair will help you maximize the results from your platelet-rich fibrin treatment. Regularly cleansing and moisturizing your skin and protecting it from the sun will go a long way toward extending your results. For hair treatments, using gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and avoiding harsh chemical treatments can support the rejuvenation efforts and promote healthier hair growth in the long term. 

Schedule Maintenance Treatments When Needed

The benefits of PRF therapy can be extended with well-timed maintenance sessions. Depending on the area treated and the individual’s response to the initial treatment, follow-up appointments might be necessary to sustain the desired outcomes. Discussing a personalized treatment schedule with your provider will help keep the improvements consistent.

Prioritize Pre- and Post-Treatment Care

Effective PRF treatment goes beyond the appointment itself; it includes diligent pre- and post-treatment care. Before the treatment, avoid medications that can increase bleeding, such as aspirin. Afterward, follow any specific care instructions, including keeping the treated area clean and avoiding direct sun exposure.

Discover the Benefits and Long-Lasting Results of PRF

Discover the benefits and long-lasting results of PRF at San Diego Aesthetics & Med Spa, where our natural and minimalistic approach provides a relaxed treatment environment. Located in La Mesa, CA, we focus on enhancing your aesthetics with precision and care, using PRF to help achieve noticeable and sustainable improvements. To learn more about how PRF can be customized to your situation, please call us at (619) 303-0988 or contact us online.



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